The Origins.

Although the exact origin of the universe is unknown there are many legends about it.

The first beingsEdit

Although no one can say where they came from, it is known that there were two benings originaly. These two beings hated each other. They created a way to destroy each other, by creating matter and antimatter. The one who created matter cheated. It made slightly more than the antimatter and eventually destroyed all traces of it and it's creator. It decided, for some reason or another, that the universe seemed to empty. Unfortunatly, it did not have the energy to created anything so it split it's self into four different things. To be exact, four different beings. Abeing composed of pure light, pure shadow, pure love, and pure hatred. These four beings divided the universe into four different sections. They eventally created galaxies. Life forms were created not long after and it didn't take long for them to become intelligent and develope personalities.

The great warEdit

The four great beings eventually started to team up. Hatred and shadow went together nicely while love abd light joined together

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